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Anya Sophia Mann


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Anya Sophia Mann

With over 25 years’ experience of coaching, consulting and mentoring, using diverse styles in a variety of settings, Anya Sophia Mann masterfully coaches leaders of leaders, teachers of teachers, and healers of healers into new thought, mindfulness, and new ways of being in the world.  People say 'follow your heart', Anya proposes that you lead with it.

Heart-centered leadership results from connection to the core of your being allowing present-moment awareness and clear thought to guide all decisions and invoke the inner leader.

She travels internationally providing consulting and training services. She works with an international team of associates for large-scale projects, such as developing coaching cultures with teams of health, education or management professionals. She currently lives near Sedona, Arizona, in the USA.

Anya is laser-like in evoking your uniqueness, she believes your uniqueness IS your success.  She offers coaching, consulting and mentoring services to individuals and corporations; facilitates workshops, programs and is an inspiring, impactful, public speaker.

“ Life is energy moving

throughout  i n f i n i t y ”

As visionary founder and editor, Anya has created a multi-dimensional, multi-media online magazine about people supporting people in human interest matters. Life  Coaching Magazine is a free medium for many cross-cultural coaching skills to be easily shared, for the benefit of people all over the world. Visit: