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For all inquiries including coaching, consulting and mentoring services; workshops, programs and public speaking


Anya@ConsciousJourney.com or call 617 233-2581

(US number, UK callers prefix 001)


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Home     Conscious Journey     Coaching     AMAYA     About     Contact

Some Client Testimonials:

“The question you asked hit a chord and something released instantly. I felt it leave.”

– June, workshop participant - Nashville, TN

Two weeks later, when asked "what was sustained?” She said:

“I feel freed up now. I have had an attitude shift and am more with myself. Something is still moving.”

"I attended one of her laser coaching demonstrations and was fortunate to have been coached by [Anya]. I experienced her as extremely gifted and able to get to the heart of the matter in seconds, not sessions! She helped me to hugely expand my vision and with that expansion came a sense of freedom that has not left me, even though it's been weeks since I spoke with her. "


"Thank you for creating a powerful environment yesterday. I find that at this point in my coaching, I am drawn more to increasing my skills than to 'marketing'. This was a great example of demonstrating HOW."

Beverly Bitterman, Beverly Bitterman & Associates

“ Life is energy moving

throughout  i n f i n i t y ”

‘Your energy, wisdom and powerful words were perfectly attuned to my needs over the past year.  Thank you for holding a space for and walking with me through the amazing growth I've enjoyed.”

Charles, S. Not-for-Profit Hospital Executive.