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Home     Conscious Journey     Coaching     AMAYA     About     Contact

Conscious JourneyTM

Anya Sophia Mann is an international personal and professional development coach specializing in developing the leaders and coaches of the future. She has created a unique program called the A M A Y A methodTM.

In addition to coaching and mentoring she offers training, workshops and consultancy services in all aspects of leadership and organizational transformation, especially in developing coaching cultures.

In our personal and professional development we each experience a unique inner journey. Anya calls this process of personal transformation, our Conscious JourneyTM.

The Conscious JourneyTM is our individual, unique, path of personal, professional and spiritual development. That which is calling us, awakening us to our personal truth. It is our path to experiencing increasing levels of awareness, perception, ‘flow state’ and enhanced performance.

Anya works through various modalities to support you in your own Conscious JourneyTM to personal transformation and evolution. 

Anya offers one to one coaching, mentoring, workshops, programs, consultancy services and public speaking.

“ Life is energy moving

throughout  i n f i n i t y ”

The Voyage of Self Discovery